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Designer Alley Fabrics LLC



About Designer Alley Fabrics


About Designer Alley Fabrics LLC


Designer Alley Fabrics is a wholesale and retail fabric company located in beautiful Southern Oregon.  Our fabrics are purchased from large wholesalers and then broken down into smaller quantities to meet the needs of the smaller home based business.  Whether you need 1/8 of a yard or a whole pallet we have have the high quality proffessional level fabrics that you need to get your business off the ground and make all your dreams come true!

May All Your Dreams Come True: (The Story Behind Designer Alley Fabrics LLC)

 I love fabric, all kinds of fabric. Nothing is cooler than watching a flat 2-D piece become a marvelous 3-D creation straight out of the imagination.

Maybe that is why I took my first job right out of college at a fabric shop. Not the best paying job I ever had..... but it was one of my FAVORITES. I vowed one day I would own my own fabric store. Just had no idea how it was going to happen.

Well fast forward.... a long way forward to about five years ago, I am sitting in my pajamas on my mothers porch. Not feeling so great. Just completed four months of intense cancer treatment. My survival like the ending of a fairy tale. Basking in the sun enjoying just being. Wondering what on Earth I am going to do with myself now??

Asking myself new questions, what are my dreams? What do I love? What did I give up to be the adult...going to work, paying the bills, and just waiting for the weekend?

I think of things I love; I love fabric, I love to create, I love to design, I love to help people...
Yes it is not enough to make my own dreams come true....

I want to help others make their dreams come true.

My mom comes out on the porch, hears me talking to myself. Why don't you take all our left over fabric from when were were designing and sell it online?

Left over fabric online? Hum. A fabric very own. I love fabric, I love to create, I love to design, I love to help people and I really love fabric!! Yards and yards of it all my very own!!!

So up I went to the computer, in my pajamas (love that part about working from home) and created a website, then I made my first sale.....

I started out in my pajamas's, just me and my computer. Now we are seven, my mom, my dad, my fiance...who is also the incredible man who took on the responsibility of nursing me through my recovery over the last five years., Michelle, Patti, Fances and Chani.
We are growing! My fiance and I do this full time, my mom and dad part time. We also now have four new helpers this year! 
Michelle started working with us in January. A mom of two teenage boys and an avid crafter and seamstress, she will be handling all of our shipping needs and eventually will be helping us with customer service as well!
Patti started working with us in February, a wonderful lady, she is working in the picking and packing department, but will quickly be moving to quality control and shipping managment.  Patti worked with her husband in their own business for many years before he transitioned from this world four years ago. So we have a great resource with her!
Frances and Chani will be joining us is in July and will be taking over from Patti in the picking and packing department.  Chani a graduate of Souther Oregon Universities Theater Arts Program will be bringing her knowledge of costuming and presentation to our little team.  Look for some new and improved pictures and product vidoes in the near future!  Frances is still completing her schooling at SOU but works well with Chani as a team.  We want to encourage these girls to live their dreams and support them in their learning and growth outside of the college arena.
My mom is still working as the mad scientist, in our local community college science department, but her hours are increasing at Dalley and will soon be full time in our Billing and Accounting Department.
My dad retired from his second career and working diligently on his third as an actor in our local community theater....he also holds down the fort at my parents beautiful Applegate Mountain Home and in his spare time builds our special tools and equipment for our shop.  Also our photographer he will be working with Frances and Chani to create beautiful pictures and videos of all of our products!

Who is the Team behind Designer Alley Fabrics LLC?

Talla Mitchell (CEO and Founder)

Camille Mitchell (CFO and Founder)

Francesca Solano (Customer Service and Inventory Control)

Mary (Shipping)

To all of you, from all of us at Designer Alley Fabrics - Thank you and May All your Dreams Come True!

Talla Mitchell

CEO and Founder